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Fields of Expertise

  • Air Treatment Systems

  • City Buses

  • Commercial Cooking Appliances

  • Electrical Boxes

  • Home Appliances

  • Humidifiers

  • Naval Industry

  • Outdoor Lighting

  • Specialized Shipping Equipment

  • Tanks

  • Traffic Lights

  • Transformers

  • Underground Tanks

  • Various Industrial Parts & Equipment

  • Water Heaters

  • Other


Before launching into the production of any part, Simfer’s team of experts conducts a careful assessment of the part’s environment and conditions of use in an effort to select the compound providing the highest cost-performance ratio.

  • ASTM specifications

  • Autocad software

  • Design consulting

  • Field sales force

  • In-house technical service department

  • Manufacturing of prototypes

  • Material selection recommendations

  • Preparation of PPAP documentation upon request

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